CGFR Employment Opportunity

See Training Captain Position Description and application, attached .

CGFR Places Two New Apparatus In Service

Chena Goldstream has placed two new apparatus into service this spring, thanks to the support of the community and our Board of Directors. The first apparatus is our new brush unit. It is a 2015 Ford F450, equipped with a flatbed and a snowplow. During the summer months it carries our forestry firefighting skid unit and during the winter months carries a sanding unit for safety of winter time fires. The emergency lights were installed and wired with the hard work and dedication of the members of CGFR. This replaces a 1996 Ford F350 that was used as a brush rig and for snowplowing.

Wildland Red Card Training Link

RED CARD certification is now online:
Note: a field day including the pack test and shelter deployment is also required and is usually offered through Fairbanks Area Forestry in May.

CGFR Places Two New Apparatus In Service

Chena Goldstream has placed two new apparatus into service. A 2012 Ford F350 has been placed into service as the Battalion vehicle. This vehicle serves as a response vehicle for Battalion officers. Its function is a command post and also carries heaters in the winter and a CAFS wildland unit during the summer. It is also used to haul our offroad rescue trailer. The second vehicle is a 2000 Ford F350 which has been placed into service as Squad 43. This is a first response medical rig, but also functions as a brush rig.

Scholarship applications

CGFR is pleased to announce it is continuing our scholarship program for this academic year. The program is a fantastic opportunity for students: not only do we pick up the tab for 12 credit hours, books, fees and provide a place to live, students get to live in and respond from one of our three fire stations that have living quarters. Acquiring real-world experience along with their degree gives participants a step up in the real world when looking for a job in a career department or other employment. The PDF application is available online.


Chena Goldstream Fire and Rescue Mission Statement
To provide the highest level of preservation of life and property at a reasonable cost,
Opportunity for growth and achievement for department members, and education and service to the public.